Sun Spots are The Enemy

Oh, how we love the sun; its warmth; its brightness; how it makes us feel all fuzzy inside. It’s a beautiful thing. Then, just like a rancher branding its herd, we are left with the dreaded sun spot. You know what I am referring to. Those unwanted brown spots that come in a variety of shapes and sizes all the while nestling themselves right on your face. I shake my fist to you on that one Mother Nature…the nerve of that lady!

Why do we need to endure this people? For real, why do I have to sit and try to cover up my face with foundation for ten hours? I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this to suddenly appear after a long day out in the sun. So why am I dealing with this dread?

Let’s review our possible excuses for this continued relationship:

  1. We notice people staring at our face for long periods of time and we like it
  2. It’s a birthmark we suddenly discovered late in life and we are going with that story line
  3. There’s nothing out there that will actually work, so why bother

Well, truth be told, these are real excuses, however none are actually true. There are real resolutions to Mother Nature’s little tricks….it’s called laser therapy, skin rejuvenation or if we want to be fancy SRA.


Yes! SRA is a safe and effective treatment for sunspots, age spots, freckles, vascular lesions and facial redness. It is non-surgical, and there is NO downtime.

ICA Beautiful You can offer this amazing technology that is effective and affordable.

Come see me at ICA Beautiful You for your free consult. Let’s evaluate this winter season and see how we can undo the effects of Mother Nature’s idea of fun in the sun.

Sincerely, Cristy

Dr. M. Cristina Saucedo DNP, President

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"I will personally make sure that you are totally happy with your results!" Dr. M. Cristina Saucedo, DNP, President Trained in injectables and laser devices - Cristy has helped hundreds of area women and men look their very best!

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