MY Cup Runneth Over

“My cup runneth over, what comes out of the cup is for you

And what is inside the cup is mine”

Iyanla Vanzant


Have you ever heard this before?  I’m going to go ahead and interpret this quote. I think it is a direct reminder that we need to do things for ourselves.  Busy women can often forget about…. well, “US”. We are super good at coming up with great ideas to pamper ourselves with and instantly placing them in the way back of our minds. It should be ok for us to come first, it should be a no brainier to do things for “us” as often as possible and not sprinkle any of it with guilt. I say let’s fill our cups ladies, and let others reap the benefits of the happiness that spills over from it!

The next time a special thought occurs…like:

“Ooh, I want hair removal for my legs so I don’t have to worry about them in the winter”, or

“Ooh, I would love to have my fine wrinkles removed around my eyes, too appear more awake and youthful”.

Take these thoughts and fill, fill, fill!

Let these coming winter days give you an opportunity to do something nice for yourself. ICA Beautiful You offers many wonderful packages that only laser technology can do. If you are worried about excess hair, sun spots, wrinkles or looking tired, then we are the place to be.

Come visit us at ICA beautiful you and we can begin to fill your cup and let others see the natural radiant you come alive!

Sincerely yours, Cristy

M. Cristina Saucedo, DNP, President

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"I will personally make sure that you are totally happy with your results!" Dr. M. Cristina Saucedo, DNP, President Trained in injectables and laser devices - Cristy has helped hundreds of area women and men look their very best!

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