Dark (armpit) Shadows


Shadows that portray an unshaved arm pit when in fact you just shaved them one minute ago.  Arm pit shadows have been the main motivator for long sleeves at the gym, awkward arm rises to keep the pits hidden and just being constantly aware of your underarms.   Oh how I envied those girls who would “wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care”.

The interesting thing is if you suffer from this, and I mean suffer ..there is help. ICA beautiful you  can help you decrease the hyperpigmentation from dark shadows that live unwelcomed in your  pits.

It’s called laser hair removal. It’s a funny thing really. You go in for hair removal and come out with lighter looking pits.. it’s a two-fer one.

The laser decreases the amount of excess hair growth that in fact causes the shadow. Over the years the trauma from shaving causes the skin to change. Some lighter skin folks may experience excessive ingrown hairs with thicker pink skin whereas darker skin types may get the dreaded hyperpigmentation. The laser decreases the amount of hair as well as the hair thickness ultimately leaving no hair behind. The trauma caused from shaving begins to heal, leaving lighter, cleaner looking arm pits.

IF this is you , come see me and experience the freedom that laser hair removal can do for you! It’s a NO HAIR Don’t CARE party here!

M.cristina saucedo DNP

President, ICA Beautiful You

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"I will personally make sure that you are totally happy with your results!" Dr. M. Cristina Saucedo, DNP, President Trained in injectables and laser devices - Cristy has helped hundreds of area women and men look their very best!

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